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A large variety of events is available with tour planning:


Kayak trips

Row downstream of Northern Israeli steams surrounded by natural vegetation and wildlife.

Bedouin Hafla

Eat in the best tradition of Bedouin hospitality.

Camel and Donkey Riding

One hour or few days trips riding camels in the desert. Donkey riding trips in the Galilee.

Outdoor Picnics

Weather you decide to bring your own food or have it all arrange by Mimi - the pleasure of outdoor picnic can be a part of your trip.

4x4 Off-Road

Part of your tour can be arranged with a 4x4 off-road safari in any part of the country.


Being well familiar with Israeli restaurants Mimi can offer you great popular Israeli restaurants or best gourmet places.

Desert Overnight Sleeping

Desert night in a Bedouin tent may leave you with one of the nicest trip memories you have.


If you like historical. natural or art museums, those will be planed with you and blended into your adventures.

Scuba Diving

If you like to mix land trips with scuba diving - this will be your choice.

Bar-Mizva and Bat-Mizva Trips

At the top of Mazada mountain, at the foot of the West Wall or at one of the other historical unforgettable sites.

Tour Flights

Take a short tour flight over selected highlights of Israel.

You Name it

Any special request - you can count on Mimi's logistical skills.